Welcome to White Witch Botanicals

White Witch Botanicals is a brand that creates cleaning and every day products.

We believe in the power of nature. Mother nature has provided us with all of earths gifts, why would we need anything else, right?

We started creating these products just for our own everyday use and thought, why not bring it to the world.

Every item is made with love and the purest therapeutic grade essential oils and all natural ingredients. Cruelty Free, tested on ourselves and Vegan. Made in Victoria, Australia.

We offer 5% off refills and 10% off if you supply your own vessel. We even pay for you to post your vessel back to us for the refills. To take this offer up simply email us whitewitchbotanicals@gmail.com

All the products are designed to be used a little bit, so they will last you a while. All products must be stored in a cool place. Avoid heat or direct sunlight.

We appreciate you getting behind our brand and visiting our online store, feel free to follow us on facebook - www.facebook.com/whitewitchbotanicals and instagram - @whitewitchbotanicals